Month: October 2015

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) – Is This the “Super Soldier” Serum of Today?

The Reality Bites: It’s Hard to Get that Toned Body

In today’s world, there is no fast way to gain that bodybuilder’s physique that every man wants. Diet and exercise are the norm for building muscle and losing fat.

A bodybuilder’s diet is composed of proteins, good fats and minimal crabs such as lean meat, vegetables, olives, nuts, flax, avocado and other fruits. This might be hard to do in a society where fast food chains are the go-to place for eating.

If you plan to exercise at home, it might not be as effective as going to the gym. Gym instructors are there to plan for an effective exercise routine for you. However, a gym membership can be expensive.

All in all – it’s such a hassle to exercise! How about you buy steroids or you buy SARMS as an alternative?


Captain America and His Secret: The “Super Soldier” Serum

Everybody knows Captain America and how he came to be the ultimate American hero in the comic books. Before Captain America became a hero, he was just a lone weakling serving with the army. Luckily, an officer offered him to be a test subject in a top secret experiment. This experiment, dubbed “Operation Rebirth”, was primarily aimed to create a “Super Soldier” – a person who is physically superior to any normal human being.

In that experiment, gallons of serum was injected into him, and in just a matter of seconds he became muscular and toned – a far cry from his scrawny figure before.

Unfortunately, this is just a fictional story, and no actual “super soldier” serum was ever created. If indeed a “Super Soldier” serum exists, a lot of gyms and health supplement stores might close shop.

Good news though – the closest thing to the “Super Soldier” serum might be in your hands today if you buy SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).

Why Not Steroids?

Steroids are substances that are used to activate the hormones in our body. In a case of a bodybuilder, steroids boosts the hormone supply in the body, which in turn, causes physical changes in a man such as increase in muscle mass, improved strength and endurance, and reduction of body fat levels.

On some occasion, steroids produce unwanted side-effects which make people shy away from the drug. Some side effects include breast tissue enlargement for men (or gynecomastia), significant shedding of hair, unusual enlargement of prostate, and occurrence of acne.

SARMS – The Answer of Modern Technology to Steroids

Thanks to the advent of technology, there is now a safer alternative to steroids. It is called SARMS, short for Select Androgen Receptor Modulators. As the name suggests, it modulates the androgen receptor. By targeting the specific androgen receptor, it acts similarly as the steroid by causing desirable effects such as muscle growth and reduction of fat.

You are encouraged to buy SARMS because it is a better alternative than steroid. SARMS do not produce the ill side-effects of steroids. Since there are no more side-effects, one can do away with the cycle support and post cycle therapy – that’s more time for yourself and less expense on your part!

If you are worried about the long-term effects of SARMS on your body, there are none. SARMS are relatively safe to use as indicated in the recent researches. For one, it can be taken orally as compared to the conventional steroids that are injected to the body. Also, unlike steroids, it does not cause any damage to the liver.

Indeed, if you buy SARMS and use them properly, you may end up feeling super yourself (though probably not exactly like Captain America).