Month: December 2015

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Lanyard Manufacturer

Some employers and school administrators seek the help of certain manufacturers to create wholesale customized lanyards for their people. If you want uniform ID holders for your employees, you also need their help in order to produce those cool items. Here are some of the things that you should consider so that you would be able to find a good manufacturer.

The Manufacturer’s Reputation

Before you choose a manufacturer that will create your lanyards, use the internet to look for possible manufacturers that can help you. Do some research on their reputation first. Don’t forget to look for good reviews online. Check what kind of clients they have. Have they tried making personalized items for multinational companies? What do these companies say about them? If a certain manufacturer has a lot of bad reviews, try another manufacturer instead. Don’t be shy in calling or e-mailing them. Ask them some questions about their products. If they will not be responding to your calls and emails, that means they don’t care about you. Look for another manufacturer that knows how to handle their clients. Visit site for the manufacturer who handle their clients very well and gives good product as well.

Sample Products or Photos

LanyardsAside from researching about their reputation and asking them questions, you can also explore a manufacturer’s official website. Don’t forget to look at their sample products. Are these samples pleasing to you? Can they make colorful and complicated designs? If they don’t have good samples that can stand out, try looking for another lanyard manufacturer. It’s very important to see more photos in order to assess and prove their company’s ability.

Lanyard Types Available

Looking through sample products is not enough to assess the manufacturer’s ability to create high-quality products. You must also look at the styles that they offer. Can they make woven ones? How about dye sublimated lanyards? Can they only do screen printing? If they don’t have much to offer, look for a manufacturer that can do a lot of things. Make sure that they will be using durable materials in creating these items. If you really want a high-quality accessory for your organization and you are ready to spend money for it, choose lanyards made of nylon.

Other Services Being Offered

The question is, how will they help you? Do they have software where you can design your own customized accessory? Will they let you to send your ideas to them? Are they going to charge you for that? Remember, choose the one that will be more convenient to you. If you don’t have much time to make a design, let them create one for you. Choose the manufacturer that can satisfy your organization’s standards. Make sure that you will also follow their terms and conditions.

Available Attachments

Once you’re happy with your design, check the attachments they offer. You can now choose an attachment for your neck accessory. Remember, choose a durable attachment that will be very useful to every member. Make sure it will be easy for them to attach their belongings in the chosen attachment. Don’t choose an attachment that can scratch or break your ID cards.

Pricing and Delivery

Do they offer discounts? How about Free Shipping? Check every manufacturer’s pricing guide. How long will it take for them to deliver all your items? Make sure that you would be able to save money and get high-quality products. To avoid surprising fees, don’t forget to recalculate the amount that you need to pay. You also need a calendar to calculate your items’ estimated time of arrival. Count your items. If they broke their own rules, file a complaint and don’t recommend the manufacturer to other people.