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Portable Storage Container as a Portable Home

RVs or recreational vehicles are very expensive. If you are looking to go cross country but aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks just to get that expensive RV, then you can try going for a portable storage container.

Portable storage containers are big metal containers that you can see lying around docks and being used to transport goods and other materials. You can see them being carried by cargo vessels as they transport large quantities of various products to different places all over the world. The size of these containers makes them perfect as a mobile home or as an alternative to an RV. Some are even bigger than regular RVs and trailer homes so you can make more room for more things and even bring along more family members on your trip.

At moveablecontainer.com, you have a choice as to how huge or how small you want your new portable storage container mobile home will be. We have something as small as 20 feet long by 8.6” high containers that are perfect for a small family of up to 5 people. The size is larger than some regular sized RV. It is also comparable to some of the bigger and more expensive RVs in the market today. Our other sizes are 40 and 45 feet long containers which are perfect for bigger families. You can buy these containers from us at a reasonable cost. We’ll also deliver the storage containers to your location within 3-4 days after order confirmation.

Each portable storage container that we sell comes with a 1 1/4″ marine wood plank or plywood flooring.

You can change the flooring to your choice or leave it as is and simply build on top of it. You can also modify the inside of the container so long as it is not a rented container. Our containers can easily be mounted on modular wheels to make them easy to drive around. The weight of our containers varies anywhere from approximately 4850 lbs. to 10,350 lbs.

Portable Storage Container Home

Modifying the inside of a portable storage container requires a good design, some imagination, handy tools, some building materials and building knowhow. You should hire a really good builder to help make your dream mobile home a reality. You can opt to add bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and other kinds of rooms within each mobile home that you make. Its straightforward rectangular shape makes it the perfect blank canvas for all your interior decorating needs. You no longer have to choose from regular RV designs and just go wild and design one on your own.

The advantage of building your own mobile home from a storage container is that you get to design your own mobile home –

You get to add specifications that standard mobile homes might not have. You can design your space as you see fit. You can have more rooms for all your family members or make your mobile bathroom or kitchen bigger. You won’t get that from standard issue RVs.

You can let your imagination run wild and design a futuristic themed mobile home or a 70s themed mobile home. You can add gadgets, nifty features, maximize storage space and other things that you cannot possibly do with a regular RV. Paint it any color and any design you like both inside and outside. Add as many windows and doors as you like and have a fully customized mobile home for a lot less than the cost of a standard sized and often cramped RV.

Portable Storage Container

Another advantage of building your own mobile home is that you can do away with the cost of a hotel –

Simply park your mobile home in a place where overnight parking is allowed and you save yourself thousands of dollars in hotel fees. You can travel cross country on a budget and save the money for other more important things. If you fancy not wanting to settle down in one place but hate having to pack up and move all your things, a mobile home made out of portable storage container is also your answer.

A storage container made into a mobile home is the best way to travel cross country. It offers endless design possibilities that regular recreational vans lack. It is cheaper and gives you more freedom to do with it as you please. If you are interested in purchasing a storage container to convert into a mobile home or would like to buy or rent one for other purposes you can drop us a line or leave your contact details with us at movablecontainer.com.